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Syndimates - Property Development Membership

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Business Services | Advertising & Marketing Services
Glebe, New South Wales, 2037, Australia
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Business Opportunity across Australia.

Business Opportunity across Australia.

Are you interested in developing a Real Estate & Business Sales Company? We need like-minded people that WANT TO WORK, and also to build on the goodwill of the Business model.The Real Estate Industry will always make you money PROVIDED THAT you work ... as people need to buy and sell for whatever reason ... and as a Business Broker, we know that there are over 2mm Businesses in Australia with less than 1,000 active Business can you see the opportunity to develop a great TEAM ORIENTATED BUSINESS? You need $50,000 to commit to this Project, and you will have a job for life. Discuss.

Development Opportunity in USA

Development Opportunity in USA

Large 1,000 lot House / Land Packages PLUS Hotel Development. This is a Foreclosure at $15mm. Investors can Earn 10% for cash PLUS a share of profits. We need investors with minimum $100,000 increments.

Development Opportunity QUEENSLAND

Development Opportunity QUEENSLAND

Large Subdivision (say) 55 x 1 acre lots. Easy turnround opportunity ... Investors needed to $1.4mm ... EARN 10% for your cash and a part-share is available. We have a number of Development sites and we are constantly searching all times and we are very diligent in our research of properties as we know that many owners have a strong tendency of asking MORE THAN ITS WORTH ... more than the feasibility will allow so we refuse many opportunities. The ones we have are fully researched before we exchange contracts. DO YOU HAVE A PROPERTY? DO YOU HAVE A STRONG EQUITY IN YOUR HOME OR LAND ? Do you want to COMPOUND YOUR EQUITY within your home or land? Discuss.



Do you own LAND? Do you own a DEVELOPMENT SITE? Do you have the LAND BUT NOT THE SKILLS to Develop it? Do you want to COMPOUND YOUR EQUITY? Do you want to Joint Venture? Do you want to join our SYNDICATES? We offer you 45 years of excellent Real Estate knowledge to support your interests in joining our Syndimates programmes. Only genuine people will apply, so we welcome your commitment.



We need a Syndimates to raise $1mm Here's why ... Like all levels of negotiations in Business ... Money Talks and Bullshit Walks... So, we want to develop a " Fighting Fund" to position ourselves in CLOSING a deal, when we see it ...


In other words ... we often FIND properties where we KNOW its a deal and we SIMPLY NEED TO CLOSE IT ... ie. we need to put money where it counts otherwise we lose it.


This allows us to place ourselves in a strong position to then introduce other investors along with us , knowing that we have secured the deal, and that we can move the process along to complete. This is a smart way of doing good deals.


We like the idea of sharing our ventures because there is always an opportunity, so we look to dilute our profits with investors. Its a smart way of doing Business. Donald Trump BUILT his wealth by sharing. ALL PUBLIC COS BUILD THEIR WEALTH BY SELLING SHARES ...

Banks offer you a RATE and then sell the money to the Borrowers for 100-1600% MARKUPS... So we are looking to develop a platform with SAVVY Business people. We are a GENUINE BUSINESS seeking GENUINE INVESTORS and we know property so well, we will never place ourselves into a precarious situation ... simply because we dont need too!!!

We offer the 10-12% Rates because we know its a fair gain for you, and its a worthy ROI for us, because we know that there's always profits in the properties we buy... AND we make our PROFITS WHEN WE BUY!!! That's right! We make our profits when we have identified the right property (and secured it!) ...

We know the markets so well; with over 45 years in property. So if you are a genuine, Business SAVVY Person and you want to get involved in PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, then we welcome your commitment.

Please speak to your Financial Advisors before you call... as they are more than often over-protective of you, and we dont have time to waste ... as I am sure you will respect. Like us ... you need to do your research with them before you call.

Eastern Suburbs Sydney.

Eastern Suburbs Sydney.

Excellent site, and we can value-add it from the current DA of 200 units , subject to a Section 96.

There is a fixed price building contract available here to protect us . We need $5mm input here.

Other Properties

Other Properties

Several properties available from.OUR LIQUIDATOR Contacts but ...


Like all good deals, We need cash to close ... " Money talks ... bullshit walks " ... ok?

We have some powerful buying opportunities " ONLY WHEN WE ARE ORGANISED ... ".


SEC rules imply that accredited/sophisticated investors should have an annual income of at least $200,000 or a net worth of $1 million, not including their home.
This investment campaign is not being run or managed by SSBCF and that SSBCF has no legal responsibility to any of its operation.

Equity Offer Summary

Please read presentation to learn more about what you can obtain... Invest now!
Minimum Investment
Estimated Delivery Date:
June 2016
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