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About Us

We help raise your Business Success and Investments

SSBCrowdfunding.com is an online Crowdfunding Global Platform for SMALL and LARGE Businesses that need to raise capital. We are an extended platform from SupportingSMALLBUsiness.com and CrisisManagementSupport.com.

SSBcrowdfunding.com is the only crowdfunding website that builds memberships for Business-Minded people.

SSBCrowdfunding Pioneers

SSBCrowdfunding is changing the way how businesses accross the globe find each other and help in raising capital and investments. Our team is dedicated and focused on helping towards your business needs. We know your problems and we help towards the solutions.


The Founder

Over 45 years in Property and Business. Highly experienced in ALL aspects of Business and Management


The Manager

Business analysis is not a job; it is a profession


The Web Expert

Trust and innovation is my passion

Business success is a matter of finding the right people.

"We build a World of Business People around you"